Kitoko People is emblematic of the new generation and understands their needs and expectations of the new world of work. At the same time, it is our intention to bring the different generations closer together in order to make companies fit for the future.


Unique personalities and a diverse team make Kitoko People. As a progressive, data-driven and unconventional company, it makes the difference. In doing so, the organisation consistently evolves and grows together with its exclusive client portfolio.

Amadeo Disasi

Managing Partner & Executive Coach

Amadeo has studied and lived in many places around the world in his life. This makes him an extremely open and inspiring personality. His inner calm and cordiality are the hallmarks of his character. He is also a good listener with a sharp mind, and that is how we experience him every day.

Amadeo Disasi studied International Management (B.Sc.), but decided to follow a path where the focus is on people. By founding Kitoko People, he found a direction that fulfils him and matches his true values and strengths. He is also a certified ICF Coach (International Coaching Federation).

Arno Luginbühl

Managing Partner & Executive Coach

Arno is a very lively and energetic person; this has an infectious and invigorating effect. He has extremely clear thoughts and is very interested in people and their development potential. His honesty and directness are qualities that the Kitoko-Team really appreciate about him.

Arno Luginbühl has a Bachelor's degree in Business Communication (B.Sc.) from Zurich and is now studying for a Master's degree in Coaching and Organisational Consulting at the ZHAW.

Malik Hashim

Managing Partner & Executive Coach

Malik is an empathic person who knows how to communicate clearly with people and inspire them with his humorous manner. His enthusiasm for people and their development potential makes it fun for him to draw the full potential out of every individual and team. What we particularly appreciate about him is his high work ethic, loyalty and deep sense of friendship.

Malik Hashim is the person who complements the team perfectly with his organisational talent. With his structured and strategic way of thinking, he develops processes and strategies to reach the goal quickly, reliably and effectively. Through his studies in business administration and his many years of experience at Swisscom as a coach, he combines the understanding from large companies with the dynamic, agile way of working at Kitoko People.

Sarah Wölfli

Head of Young Professionals

Sarah is a very warm personality who approaches people openly. Her focus is on the area of learner management: this centres on topics such as resilience, self-management and communication. Interactive concepts with collaborative approaches are her speciality.

With her infectious laugh, she also brings a lot of sunshine to the office and fits perfectly into Kitoko People's corporate culture with her proactive and independent approach.

Lino Steffen

Head of Content

Lino is a go-getter. With his camera and drone, he is always interested in producing diverse and new footage and content. He is open to constructive feedback, which helps him to constantly improve.

Lino Steffen is our expert when it comes to innovative content. He accompanies us at events, key notes and workshops with his camera and captures emotions and moments, which he packs into videos and dynamic content. This is how he brings the Kitoko brand to life.

Maria Garduno

Head of Communication & Administration

Originally from Mexico, she maintains numerous cross-cultural relationships around the globe and is inspired by other cultures. At Kitoko People, Maria brings a lot of enthusiasm, dedication and determination and says of herself that she always gives her best and never loses sight of her dreams and goals.

What sets Maria Garduno apart is her ability to connect with others and empathise with people from different backgrounds, as well as her patience and tolerance in complex problem-solving processes. As Head of Communication and Administration, she brings a lot of creativity to our social channels and effectively communicates the results and insights from our trend studies.

Nicté-Eleni Miranda

Coaching Associate

Nicté is a cheerful and dedicated person who supports the Kitoko-Team in a balanced and professional way. Her curiosity and flexibility have allowed her to gain many different experiences in the professional world and she has developed into an authentic and responsible person as a result.

Her studies, in applied Psychology, have taught Nicté Miranda to maintain a healthy relationship with the professional world, and she leads by example. She is fully committed to her work, looks for creative and innovative solutions and tries to think outside the box. To balance her intellectual side, Nicté also dedicates herself to her creative side by making illustrations and paintings.

Michèle Hunziker-Seewer

Business Administration FH / Partner and Board of Directors Covariation Search AG and Bureau Logos AG / Many years of experience in personnel management (executive search, consulting & coaching)

People and their careers or potential arouse Michèle's strong interest. You can expect commitment, passion, transparent communication and appreciation from her. In her eyes, these values are central and indispensable for long-term, sustainable client relationships.

Michèle Hunziker-Seewer finds balance, but also energy and inspiration outside in nature - together with her family - by the water or in the mountains.

Urs Jörg

Psychologist specializing in leadership development (Master of Science, University of Bern) Master optician (federal diploma, sound management experience in the retail trade)

Urs has many years of international experience and expertise in leadership and organizational development. He is a consultant and coach, head of the Master of Advanced Studies Leadership & Management program at the ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences). Urs works as a lecturer, facilitates workshops, advises and coaches managers and leadership teams.

Quickly grasping complex interrelationships and generating sustainable solutions are among Urs Jörg's core competencies. A good measure of optimism, coupled with extensive practical experience and the situational use of current theoretical knowledge create real added value.

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