On an individual level, we develop leaders and professionals in future-relevant skills such as self-leadership, resilience, conflict management, emotional intelligence and diversity.

At a team level, we support teams in change and collaboration processes and stand by companies in transformation processes and cultural changes at an organizational level. In doing so, we develop and change companies sustainably from the inside out.

Business Coaching

Business coaching is about the processes of change and development that are valuable for your professional success. Our goal is to support you in a solution-oriented way so that you can actively shape your career and train the skills needed.


Leadership development

Tailored to the needs of your organization, we design customized leadership programs to enable managers to create an environment that brings out the very best in their employees. Scientifically based potential analyses can be used in addition for specific, measurable leadership development.

Team development

Our team development aims to strengthen team performance, effectiveness, and relationships within your team. For change to be perceived as a positive opportunity, psychological safety needs to be established – a culture that builds on trust and encourages all participants to actively engage and stand up for their own ideas and points of view.

Organisational development

In a specifically planned and systemically structured process of change, your company will be further developed to adapt to the ever-changing surroundings. The processes of change are initiated and sustainably established with the greatest possible participation of all those affected.

Digital organisational development

Mastering the interplay between digital and analog is a prerequisite for fully exploiting the opportunities of digitalization for your organization. As experts for the Microsoft Teams platform, we also develop your organization at the technical level. The goal is to mirror the organizational change to the technical needs and vice versa.

The professionalism and the prudent accompaniment as well as the success rate of the set goals have more than convinced us in all respects.

Andrea Dähler-Hofweber, President Board of Directors & Remo Kobluk, CEO 

They trust us