The Workshop Series (english)

By Arno Luginbuehl 24. Juni 2020

Our exciting online workshop series starts on 24 June for the first time in english. During one month you will be weekly personally accompanied by both of us together with four other open-minded people who will challenge you as a lifelong learner.

In the four sequential modules you will strengthen your personality, free yourself from negative thinking patterns and improve your emotional intelligence in order to resolve conflicts constructively and effectively . The number of participants is limited to five persons, so that we can focus on your personal needs and you benefit the most.

Module 1: Self-awareness – In this module you learn about your own strengths, values and talents.

Module 2: Communication – In the second module you will improve your rhetorical skills to find the right words at the right time.

Module 3: Emotional Intelligence – In the third module you learn to understand and control your own and others‘ emotions better.

Module 4: Personal Growth – In the fourth module you learn new aspects of yourself and grow personally.

Start: 17 June 2020
Continuation: July 1st/ July 8th/ July 15 (4x 2h sessions)
Duration: Weekly 2 hours (*19:30-21:30 via zoom + practice material)
Registration deadline is 21 June (Secure your ticket online!)
Costs: 100 Swiss francs

Arno and Amadeo are looking forward to you!

*depending on the needs of the group, the time can also be adjusted flexibly.