About Us

About Us

Amadeo and Arno’s friendship began twenty years ago on the soccer field. Side by side, they learned at a very young age how important it is to act as a unified team, where everyone contributes their own strengths and constantly develops. Over the years, the company has grown and today we form a diverse team with unique personalities and interdisciplinary skills.

What sets us apart is our DNA: Kitoko is a modern, self-organized and purpose-driven company. We consistently develop ourselves and our organization further and grow together with our customers.

Amadeo Disasi | Managing Partner | Executive Coach

Says Arno about his long-time friend Amadeo:

Amadeo has already studied and lived in many places in this world throughout his life. This makes him an extremely open and inspiring personality. His inner calmness and cordiality distinguish his character. He is also a good listener with a sharp mind, which is how I experience him every day.
Amadeo Disasi studied International Management (BSc) and decided to follow a path where the focus is more on people. By founding Kitoko GmbH, he found a direction that fulfills him and corresponds to his true values and strengths. He is also a certified ICF coach.


Arno Luginbühl | Managing Partner | Executive Coach

Says Amadeo about his long-time friend Arno:

Arno is a very lively and energetic person, this has a contagious and invigorating effect. He has very clear thoughts and is interested in people and their potential for development. His honesty and directness are qualities that I value very much in his personality.
Arno Luginbühl has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Communications (BSc) and is now working on his Master’s degree in Coaching and Organisational Consulting at the ZHAW.


Malik Hashim | Managing Partner | Executive Coach

Says the Kitoko team about Malik:

Malik is an empathetic person who knows how to communicate clearly with people and inspire them with his humor. Through his enthusiasm for digital technologies and his broad expertise, he enjoys accompanying people into the digital world. What we particularly appreciate about him is his high work ethic, loyalty, and deep friendship.
He is the person who optimally complements the team with his organizational skills. With his structured and strategic way of thinking, he develops processes and strategies to reach the goals reliably and effectively. With his degree in business administration and his long-lasting experience in big Organizations, he combines the corporate world and the dynamic, agile way of working at Kitoko.


Sarah Wölfli | Head of Young Professionals

Says the Kitoko team about Sarah:

Sarah is a very warm personality who approaches people with an open mind. She brings her creativity to Kitoko’s digital communication daily and delivers top presentations. In addition to her creative skills, Sarah is also responsible for the smooth running of internal administration and acquisition.
Her infectious laugh brings a lot of sunshine into the office and her proactive, self-reliant approach fits in perfectly with the Kitoko corporate culture.


Ricardo Barreira-Reynoso | Head of Research & Content

Says the Kitoko team about Ricardo:

Ricardo is from Mexico and works for us from Madrid. He communicates very transparently and has high social intelligence, which is an important basis for our team performance and team spirit.
Ricardo is always researching the latest content and trends in our Kitoko Research business unit. He prepares these for market research and surveys and delivers groundbreaking insights to the strategy department. He also always provides exciting content on our blog and social media.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board advises, inspires and brings additional skills and knowledge to our organisation which has a positive impact on our corporate and personal development.

Urs Jörg | Psychologe mit Schwerpunkt Führungsentwicklung (Master of Science, Universität Bern)

Psychologist with focus on leadership development (Master of Science, University of Bern)
Master optician (federally certified)

Many years of international experience and expertise in leadership and organisational development
Consultant and coach, Head of Master of Advanced Studies Leadership & Management at the ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences).
Lecturing, workshop facilitation, consulting and coaching of managers and leadership teams.

My core competencies include quickly grasping complex interrelationships and generating sustainable solutions.
A good measure of optimism, coupled with extensive practical experience and the situation-appropriate use of current theoretical knowledge create real added value.

Michèle Hunziker-Seewer | Betriebsökonomie FH

Many years of experience in personnel management (executive search, consulting & coaching)
Partner / Board of Directors Covariation Search AG and Bureau Logos AG
Lecturing HR specialists and federally certified marketing manager HF (HR management, communication)

Strong interest in people and their careers and potential.
You can expect commitment, passion, transparent communication and appreciation from me. In my eyes, these values are central and indispensable for long-term, sustainable client relationships.
I find balance, but also energy and inspiration outdoors in nature – together with my family – by the water or in the mountains. I like Scandinavian literature and Italian cuisine – not least because of this I have a special relationship with Tuscany.