Culture and strategy development at Blaser Holding

Client: Blaser Holding Services: Culture & Change Duration: 1 year, ongoing Project Lead: Amadeo Disasi & Arno Luginbühl


The development of a group-wide strategy with a strong forward-looking approach has been developed. The focus is on aligning the long-term vision with the two boards of the subsidiaries and the holding company. At the heart of the strategic initiatives is the promotion of a modern corporate culture and strengthening the group’s position as an attractive employer for recruiting, developing and retaining talents to achieve its ambitious growth goals. Employees were involved in the process from the beginning and were qualitatively surveyed to ensure a sustainable outcome and increase engagement. As their partner, we are currently closely involved in the development and implementation of the strategy and the cultural transformation process! 

Applied Methods:

  • Actual/target comparison  
  • GAP analysis to compare the current situation/starting position with the defined target image 
  • Audit with employee and board members 
  • Coaching interventions for individual and leadership-orientated support of the change and development process  
  • Various intervision methods  
  • Experience-orientated workshops  


  1. Needs and context analysis through qualitative interviews with individual board members 
  2. Design of a tailored workshop process with specific objectives to meet the needs of the holding company and its two subsidiaries. 
  3. Delivery of interactive and experiential workshops for both managements 
  4. Conducting an employee audit using a qualitative approach to assess the attractiveness of the company. 
  5. Development of a future-oriented strategy taking into account the audit survey 
  6. Prepare effective communication about the upcoming changes and involve employees in the process (ongoing) 
  7. Strategic initiatives are implemented in project groups (ongoing) 


  • In-depth analysis of the current situation through a qualitative audit of employees and management 
  • Identification of possible shortcomings and potential for improvement 
  • Strengthen cooperation and mutual understanding within the management team 
  • Strengthening the attractiveness of the employer as a key success factor in attracting and retaining good employees and managers 
  • Develop and align goals, values and strategic initiatives across the group 
  • Increase employee engagement and satisfaction 
  • Efficient planning and effective execution of the Kick-off Event for the communication of the upcoming transformation process in front of all employees 
  • Planning, monitoring and implementing strategic initiatives in project groups 


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