Culture Change at Wirz Unternehmungen

Client: Wirz Unternehmungen Services: Future Leadership & Culture Change Duration: 9 months, on going Project Lead: Amadeo Disasi


In order to further enhance the attractiveness of Wirz Unternehmungen as an employer, the corporate culture is being further developed in a future-oriented manner and a modern understanding of leadership is being specifically promoted. The focus is on establishing a feedback culture based on appreciation, psychological safety and radical acceptance of responsibility.

Promoting cross-generational collaboration and taking responsibility for the development and retention of talent and future managers is also key. These topics are central to ensuring that the Wirz companies can achieve their growth ambitions.

As their partner, we are currently closely involved in the cultural transformation process.

Applied Methods

  • Experience-oriented workshop formats
  • Profound knowledge Inputs 
  • Best practice research 
  • Individual/group work 
  • Co-creation  
  • Skill Training



The process is ongoing and together with our client we are building a culture with a modern understanding of leadership to increase employee engagement, promote better teamwork and improve communication. This will strengthen the company’s ability to attract, develop and retain talent in a competitive environment. 


We are happy to work with Kitoko People in our cultural transformation process. Our expectations of the quality of workshops, inputs, research and skill training and their impact were highly exceeded and we are looking forward to the ongoing collaboration. (Nino Wirz, Member of the Board of Directors Wirz Unternehmungen)

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