Our approach

All leadership and strategic organizational development processes at Kitoko People are grounded in a shared understanding and willingness for transformation, stemming from the individuals who matter, with a strong focus on shaping and adapting companies to ensure their future viability with a focus on relevant environments.


Culture & Change

Culture Change at Wirz Unternehmungen

Challenge In order to further enhance the attractiveness of Wirz Unternehmungen as an employer, the corporate culture is being further…

Culture & Change

Strategic alignment for the upcoming change

Challenge: Due to a change in the board of the young Burgergemeinde, it was important to realign the future. To…

Next Generation

Generate data and increase the engagement of the younger generation within the Burgergemeinde

Challenge: What are the needs of the young generation, where do they want to be involved and have an impact…

Next Generation

Workshops ,,my future”: Building careers that align with the lifestyle and values of the next generation

Challenge Nowadays there are many opportunities for creating your own professional career. The module my future helps young talents to…

Next Generation

Swiss Skills study: How to attract, develop and retain young talents

Challenge SwissSkills wanted to gain insights into which factors are decisive for the recruitment, development and long-term retention of 17–…

Next Generation

Fostering future careers of young talents with the ,,Create your Future” modules

Challenge Nowadays there are many opportunities for creating your own professional career. The workshop ,,Create your future” as part of…

Next Generation

Development, coaching and selection of tomorrow’s young entrepreneurs

Challenge The discipline “Entrepreneurship” was represented for the first time as part of the Swiss Skills professional championships. A selection…

Future Leadership, Next Generation

Developing a self-management course with focus on young talents

Challenge In the context of the KV reform, we developed a module on self-management using a co-creation approach. Based on…

Culture & Change

Organizational change and cultural transformation at ipso!

Challenges The innovative educational concept ipso! experience, which follows a student-centered approach has been implemented group wide. The focus of…


Cooperation training at Hotelfachschule Thun with the future workforce

Challenge The participants of Hotel Hotelfachschule Thun were faced with the challenge of adapting to the changes in the labour…

Future Leadership

Leadership & management skills development HSO

Challenge In order to meet optimally the customer’s needs in future and to offer modern leadership and management modules, it…

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