Kitoko People will be part of the Darwin’s Circle by Team Farner with the topic around the Generation Z

By Maria Garduño Februar 5, 2024

The Darwin’s Circle has the mission to collectively strengthen the economic power and sustainable development of the DACHL region. This future dialogue with leading minds and decision-makers from business and politics from all 4 countries will take place on March 14 and 15, 2024, in Bregenz, Austria. Amadeo Disasi and Arno Luginbühl from Kitoko People will provide insights on the Generation Z.

The world of work is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by constant change and the advancement of artificial intelligence. As the future workforce enters the labor market, we see a different generation of talent and leaders characterized by their tech-savvy nature but also with challenges regarding mental health. They come with new expectations and demands for the workplace. With a growing shortage of skilled labor, it becomes crucial to not only attract but also retain this future workforce for long-term success and to fulfill growth strategies.


What are the expectations of Generation Z from companies, and what strategic success factors should be considered when managing and leading the future workforce? These will be core questions of the session: Future Workforce: The Workplace of Tomorrow.

Join us at the Cross Boarder Innovation Conference to gain insights from the latest research, proven methodologies, and inspiring case studies that explore various aspects of the future workforce. Our two experts from this generation will help you refine your leadership skills and implement best practices for developing and retaining top talent within your organization. Concrete strategies for fostering a forward-thinking corporate culture will be also topic in this dynamic 45-minute session.


Tickets to the conference are available here as a client contact us directly via mail for tickets.

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