Development, coaching and selection of tomorrow’s young entrepreneurs

Client: Entrepreneurskills Services: Next Generation Duration: 1 month Project Lead: Arno Luginbühl & Amadeo Disasi


The discipline “Entrepreneurship” was represented for the first time as part of the Swiss Skills professional championships. A selection took place in advance, in which the young talents were able to demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills. The young talents had to solve a case on one of the 17 sustainable development goals.

Which of the participants makes it to the Swiss Skills?

Applied Methods

  • Coaching Methods
  • Mentoring
  • Skills assessment


After the final pitch, the best teams were selected and qualified for the Swiss Skills. We accompanied and selected the teams during the selection days as coaches.


The coaching qualities and the applied questioning techniques have been crucial in the development of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. Would recommend Arno and Amadeo! / Thomas Heimann, Project Lead Entrepreneurskills

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