Kitoko People x Swiss Skills on how to attract, develop and retain the Generation Z

By Maria Garduño November 29, 2023

For anyone who missed the webinar, here is the complete study to download with an overview of the content.

Table of contents

  • Information on the target group (Generation Z) and the cohorts surveyed in the following sectors (from page 1-8)
  • Insights on talent recruiting – where he best of generation Z throughout switzerland is looking for jobs. Spoiler: not on social media (page 9-10)
  • Insights on talent attraction – reasons for company selection industry-wide (page 11-15)
  • Talent retention – findings on reasons for remaining in the company (page 16 – 18)
  • Talent development – Insights into important characteristics of leaders and work cultures (page 18 – 19)
  • Talent retention – An industry comparison of reasons for staying with a company (page 21-28)
  • Executive Summary – Most important findings (page 29)

The complete study is attached here:

SwissSkills_Report 2023

Sarah and Amadeo in action!

What we did together with Swiss Skills:

Also check the full Case Study here.

Working on behalf of Swiss Skills we have conducted thorough research to understand the factors that contribute to the professional engagement and retention of young talent n=600, aged 17 to 27, in Switzerland. This study was developed to investigate the requirements and motives of the Generation Z in Switzerland in regarding to the world of work and their employees.

The fact-based study considers sector, gender and language region differences as well as commonalities in order to derive concrete action measures for the professional associations.

Thanks to the key findings from the quantitative research and the qualitative focus groups, SwissSkills was able to gain a representative picture of how best to attract, develop and retain the most talented professionals in Switzerland. In addition, the findings and concrete recommendations for action help the professional associations to make strategic decisions in times of a war for talent. A total of 600 participants were part of the report which contained thirty pages and translated into all three national languages (de/fr/it).

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