Why it is so important to have aligned values

By Arno Luginbühl November 23, 2023

During the team event, we aligned our four core values and extracted the associated stories that give meaning to these values. We have defined the stories and expectations we associate with it and how we want to live them within our stakeholders.

A possible process for defining values

Here we show you how we did it. You can also use this process in your company:

  1. Highlight the relevance: We began by clearly explaining the goal and aim of the workshop. This helped set the context and ensured everyone understood the importance and purpose of defining our company’s values.
  2. Selection and alignment of values: Each team member anonymously named three values that they believe are and will be fundamental to the identity of our company and placed the three cards in the center of the circle (use Mentimeter or Miro for a digital facilitation). Each person presented the values noted, this is crucial to capture a broad range of perspectives from the team or management board. Now, if someone preferred a different value than their original choice after hearing the group’s inputs, they were free to swap out a value. After this presentation round each team member then had their three final values for the following small group dialogs.
  3. Small group dialogues: We divided into small groups of four. In these groups, we shared and discussed our chosen values. This was an important step for understanding the rationale behind each selection and fostering a collective vision.
  4. Synthesizing group values: Each group then worked together to distill their discussions into three core values. The chosen three values per group, were subsequently presented to the entire team, enabling a rich exchange of insights.
  5. Finalizing the core values: Following the presentations and comprehensive discussions, we reached a consensus on the final set of values that truly represented our company. We defined then four.

Our core values are more than just words—they’re principles that guide us in our daily journey and give us strength in challenging times.

Why it is so important to have aligned values

Embodied values are not only fundamental within the company.

The data presented shows how important values are when choosing a company. It highlights the percentage of professionals who prioritize corporate culture and values in their job decisions.

The result of our value alignment

And this came out. The following four future-oriented values distinguish us, and we strive for them every day:

  • Unique

Because ‚Kitoko‘ means extraordinary in Lingala, and within our team, we respect each other’s uniqueness, allowing each of us to unleash our full potential.

  • Determined

It refers to our ability to work resolutely and purposefully towards a specific goal, despite possible obstacles or difficulties. It expresses the Kitoko will and perseverance to overcome challenges and achieve the desired goal to grow.

  • Trustful

Trust means that we are reliable and honest within the Kitoko squad. This honesty allows us to give each other critical feedback, which fosters a very constructive feedback culture.

  • Empowering

We highlight people’s strengths and encourage them to surpass themselves. Instead of focusing on a person’s deficits, the emphasis is placed on their strengths. This also impacts the kitoko leadership culture: our employees‘ autonomy is strengthened, responsibilities and decision-making authority the responsibility lies with the employees. Everyone shape their workflows independently and are in constant communication with colleagues who matter.


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