Kitoko People joins forces with Dropbox

By Maria Garduño Mai 7, 2024

We are happy to announce that Kitoko People has partnered with Dropbox!

The core competencies of Kitoko People focuses on establishing future-oriented, cross-generational cultures and cultivating leadership skills to make companies attractive. One focus is on enhancing team performance by cultivating creativity, efficiency, and overall effectiveness within teams.

While individuals and teams bring their unique strengths and abilities to collaborate effectively, SaaS- and cloud-based technologies, as well as AI-driven solutions, are intended to support, automate, and optimize. In our partnership with Dropbox, we combine human perception, emotions, and actions with the efficiency and precision of technology, thus forming the foundation for successful transformation in an ever-changing world.

Together with Dropbox, we aim to foster a future where integrated collaboration platforms as well as SaaS-, cloud-, and AI-driven tools are catalysts for a new era of creativity, efficiency, and improved collaboration.

On the 13th of June we are organising our exclusive event at Liste Art Fair Basel with invited guests. Stay tuned for updates and success stories from our partnership.

TYPE.WELTKERN®. License: All Rights Reserved.

TYPE.WELTKERN®. License: All Rights Reserved.

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